Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
If you need something that you don't see on this web page, be sure to eMail us and ask us about it. We have a lot more than we can profile on the web.

1. Can I order less than 10 pencils in a set -  No, the minimum order for a set of pencils to be imprinted is 10.  You may order any number over 10 that you wish - so if you need 43 pencils, you can order 43.  No need to order in any increment.

2. What if I want to order 10 pencils and put one person's name on 5 and another person's name on the other 5.  You cannot do this.  If you want an imprint on the pencils, there is a minimum order of 10 pencils for each imprint.  One suggestion is to get 2 different colors and then put the last name on the pencils . . . so 5 red pencils can say JONES and 5 blue pencils can say JONES and you can give the different colors to different children.

3. Can I imprint pencils in another color?  YES - You can choose any color for imprinting purposes.  We have most colors available - but the entire imprint has to be in the same color.  So if you want 10 red pencils imprinted in black - that's fine.  We only choose gold as our default color because it matches the eraser holder.

4. What if my imprint is more than 25 characters and spaces?  We can imprint a second line for only 10 cents more per pencil.  We do this frequently with weddings or showers where the name is on one line and the date on a second line.  This also works well for businesses with phone numbers.

5. Do you use lower case letters?  We do have lower case letters but they are very small and hard to read.  We usually do all the imprinting in capital letters.

6. How do you pay using paypal?  Just send money from your paypal account to

7. What if I want to do something that isn't on your web site?  Send us an email with your ideas and we'll try and work it out if we can. 

8. How long does it take to turn around orders?  We usually turn around orders within 4 business days from receipt of payment.  Occasionally it will take longer - but usually it's less than that.  We are known for turning around orders quickly.  Frequently, they are sent out the day after payment is received.

9. Do you ship your orders USPS Priority Mail? All orders are sent USPS - either first class or priority mail.

10. Do you accept Credit Cards for payment? No, we do not accept credit cards. We do accept personal check, money order or paypal payment.

11. What would be a typical shipping charge? We do not gouge our customers with shipping costs. You will find our shipping costs to be very close to the actual cost. The cost of shipping depends on the weight of the package. Your confirmation email will include the shipping costs.

12 Do you accept orders by phone? We can accept orders by phone, but truly prefer to have it by email because spelling of names is sometimes difficult to understand on the phone. We do not ship orders until we have received payment, so phone orders do not speed up the process. We return order confirmation emails promptly. If you do call, you may get our answering machine - just leave a message and we'll get back to you.

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